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Here you can see a showcase of work I’ve completed for customers. I currently offer a limited service as my avalibility and time is a lot less nowadays. 


Sega Neptune combination Mega Drive & 32X

Combining a Sega Megadrive 2 and a 32X together inside one case to make a Sega Neptune. Overview of the work and how it was done. Photos and testing. What ...
PC Engine LT

PC Engine LT repair

Repair and recap of a rare PC Engine LT. Would not power up. Replaced caps and power regulator. Capacitor replacenent. power fix. PCE LT. PC Engine LT I'm still slowly ...

Dreamcast DCHDMI installation

Information about the Dreamcast DCHDMI mod from Black Dog Technology. My installation work for a customer and test screenshots of the final image quality. DCHDMI for Sega Dreamcast Retro game ...
CDi 450

Philips CDi 450 RGB mod

Installing an RGB video mod in a customers CDi 450 console. Amp installation RGB output testing and socket mounting. CDi 450 RGB This was a new request from a customer, ...

Sega Saturn Full Upgrade

Installing a series of modification on a customers MK2 Japanese Sega Saturn. Region Free Bios, FRAM save memory, Switchless 50/60hz selector, CDr Modchip and a PICO Power Supply. Sega Saturn ...

USB Host Controller for FZ-10 3DO Console

Installation of the MNEMO USB Host Controller for FZ-10 3DO. Removal of the drive controller chip, installing USB Host Controller. Testing and gameplay. USB Host Controller A customer contacted me ...
FZ-10 3DO

3DO Panasonic FZ-10 RGB board Installation and 240p mod

Installation of the VGP RGB mob board in a Panasonic FZ-10 RGB for a customer. Installation and testing. 240p switch installation. 3DO FZ-10 You might have already seen my installation ...

3DO Panasonic FZ-1 RGB board Installation and 240p mod

Installation of the VGP RGB mod board. Getting an improved RGB picture out of the 3DO. Progressive scan 240p mod switch installation. 3DO RGB and 240p mods This was a ...
Famicom motherboard

Famicom AV mod

Composite AV mod for the original Japanese Nintendo Famicom console. Famicom AV output Like many 80's consoles the Famicom only shipped with RF video output. Not many people would have ...
cartridge connector

Replacing Mega Drive Cartridge Connector

Removing and replacing the original cartridge connector in the Sega Mega Drive 2 console. Damaged Cartridge Connector Recently I was send a pair of Mega Drive 2 consoles with dodgy ...

Neo-Geo CD Toploader Unibios installation

Installation of the Universe Bios 3.3 for the Neo-Geo CD Toploader console. Removal of the original surface mount BIOS chip and installation of the new BIOS. Unibios in the Neo-Geo ...
Master System

Sega Master System Switchless Region/Video Mod

Installation of the Switchless modification for the original Master System for a customer. Switch between PAL and NTSC region and video modes by pressing or holding the reset button. No ...

Sega Mega CD Capacitor replacement and repair

Replacing all the capacitors of the Sega Mega CD (v1). Installing new capacitors. reassembling and testing. surface mount capacitor leak. replacing with radial caps. Mega CD Recap I was recently ...

Switchless Mod Mega Drive 2, Mega CD 2, and 32X

Programming and installation of the "seb" Switchless region and video modification for a Sega Mega Drive 2, Mega CD 2 and 32X. All operated by the reset button on the ...
Super CD-Rom2

NEC Super CD-Rom2 RGB upgrade and Re-cap

This work was to replace all the old capacitors on the NEC Super CD-Rom2 drive add-on, and install the RGB video amplifier upgrade. CD-Rom also needed tweaking to read CDR ...
N64 RGB board

Nintendo N64 RGB modification on PAL console

Installing an RGB modification board in a PAL N64. Dismantling the console and installing the PCB. Testing and comparison with composite. N64 and RGB video overview Nintendo seemed to have ...

Neo-Geo MVS Console Convertion MV1A

Adapting Neo-Geo MV1A arcade board to a console. Consolised MVS board. Audio,video and controller port installation port installation. MVS Console Anyone can enjoy playing Neo-Geo MVS games at home with ...
PC Engine

PC Engine (White) RGB amplifier modification upgrade

Installing a RGB amplifier and new video port into an original PC Engine. Removal of RF module, installing 8pin mini-din socket. PC Engine RF to RGB video upgrade For my ...
Duo RX

PC Engine Duo RX RGB Mod

Installing an RGB amplifer in a PC Engine Duo RX. Changing the AV port and testing once completed. Commission work. PC Engine Duo RX I was contacted through my site ...

NEC Super CD-Rom2 Capacitor Replacement

Installing new capacitors in an NEC PC Engine CD-Rom2 (CD Drive). Dismantling and installing new capacitors. Fixing very faint sound. NEC Super CD-Rom2 Recently I was sent a NEC Super ...
AES Unibios

Neo-Geo AES Universe BIOS Install RGB fix

Installing a Universe Bios (Unibios) in a customers Neo-Geo AES system. Bios installation with socket. RGB bypass and Jail-bar fix. Neo-Geo AES Unibios Install I received a SNK Neo-Geo AES ...

Unibios Install Neo-Geo MV-1B

Photos of installing a Universe Bios in a customers MV-1B Neo-Geo MVS. Unibios Installation MV-1B I was contacted and asked if it was possible to install a Universe Bios in ...
CDZ Unibios

Neo-Geo CDZ UniBios Installation

This page covers the installation of the Universe Bios (UniBios) in the Neo-Geo CDZ console. Removal of the original bios chip, installing the larger EPROM chip and testing. UniBios The ...

Amiga 1200 Capacitor Replacement Cap Kit

Replacing the original capacitors on an Amiga 1200 motherboard. Checking for damage, cleaning and installing new caps. Amiga 1200 Recap work This A1200 board was sent to me for a ...

Pc Engine Duo Recap and Audio Issues

This page details work on a PC Engine Duo send in by Ian for replacement of its original capacitors. Also to fix a problem with the sound system. Firstly I ...
Speaker replacement Nomad

Sega Nomad Capacitor Replacement and Speaker upgrade

This Sega Nomad was sent to be for a Screen replacement, battery pack modification, full cap replacement and a speaker upgrade. It already had a newer LCD screen installed, but ...
Sega CDX

Sega CDX Multi-Mega Capacitor Replacement

This page covers dismantling and replacing capacitors in the Sega CDX/Multi-Mega console. Removal of the Power, CPU and CD-Rom board. Sega CDX Sega, being one to never to miss a ...
PC Engine Duo Mods

NEC PC Engine Duo Recap RGB upgrades

This work was done for George on his Japanese PC Engine Duo console. Requirements: Full motherboard capacitor replacement, RGB mod, Region mod. The PC Engine Duo is a fantastic console ...
Vampire 600

Vampire 600v2 repair

Repair and testing of a slightly damaged Amiga 600 Vampire 2 accelerator card for a fellow Amibay member. Repair When he received his Vampire 600 from Majsta it had been ...

Nomad upgrades for Joaquim

Another Sega Nomad upgrade request. This time to do both the screen and a rechargeable battery pack modification. Battery The battery pack mod involves removing the old (and possible dangerous) ...

Feedback comments below.

27 Responses

  1. Stuart Wilson says:

    Fabulous service from Neil with a MK1 Sega Saturn full works mod. Kept in touch at all times with progress reports and photos of work completed. Returned all components that were replaced and offered help and advice on another issue that I had.

    Would highly recommend.

    Thanks and best of luck with the move.

  2. Jason Charalambous says:

    Neil did a RGB mod for my NES, he did it very quickly and I am very happy with the results. I will definitely be asking for his services again in the future

  3. Tom Fry says:

    I sent in my JP Neo Geo AES to Neil to be updated with a Unibios chip. He also fixed the bright RGB output on my system for a nominal fee on top of the work he had to do with the bios and he kindly squeezed me in to his busy schedule and the system was turned around to me within a week. Extremely happy with the results and thank you kindly again Neil!

    Would be very happy to engage your services again 🙂

  4. Richard Vernon says:

    Can’t recommend Neil’s handiwork enough! I sent him a badly abused Turbo Duo and an N64 in need of an RGB mod and both now work better than the day they left the factory. 10/10 – your console’s are in safe hands here!

  5. Fran N says:

    Playing with my Neo Geo AES had been horrible until now, the image quality was poor and distorted and the sound low. Neil fixed the RGB and the audio and installed UNIBIOS. I’m really happy with the result, the image is crisp and clear and the sound it’s really amazing. Neil is a trustworthy person and he will give you best solutions for you problems for a reasonable price. Thanks 🙂

  6. Daryl says:

    Many thanks for modifying my Mega Drive model 1, quick turnaround and an excellent job on widening the cartridge slot, very neat and tidy job and barely noticeable, would recommend Neil to anyone looking for repairs/upgrades for their console.

  7. Jason Wrigglesworth says:

    Neil did some work on my PC-Engine Duo, he kept me updated on the time frame as well as provide pictures of the work in progress. The turn around was even quicker than I expected and he was a really nice guy to deal with.

    I can honestly say after the Re-cap and RGB mod its never looked and sounded so good.

    I would definitely recommend Neil to anyone that wants work or repairs done to their retro consoles and I’m sure I will be sending more work his way.

    Cheers again

  8. Chris Bloor says:

    Very pleased with the work carried out. Neil replaced the caps and laser in my multi mega as it was have problems reading discs and sound was lost on some games. It’s now back to working like new so I can play all my mega cd games.

  9. Geoff Major says:

    Neil has now modified three of my consoles and I have been delighted with his work. He has kept me informed of progress and provided a very good service. I highly recommend him and am about to send another two consoles to him for modification.

  10. Brent Fox says:

    Neil fitted a Uni-Bios to my AES, good comms, fast turnaround time, very professional. Highly recommended 10/10

  11. Antero Pires says:

    My Super CD-ROM2 was behaving weird only reading the discs 10/15 minutes after being powered on, even though it had a new laser. I’ve reached Neil to do a recap, an RGB mod and adjust the laser to give a new life to my console.
    And dear god did Neil gave a new life! The console is working flawlessly and I was speechless when I saw the image quality! I live outside the UK but I’ll gladly contact Neil if one of my consoles ever needs his services! Definitely recommend to anyone! Your console is in very good hands!

  12. Stratos says:

    I sent Neil my neo geo AES console for a universe bios installation.
    The most important is that he fixed my neo geo faulty 2nd player controller button.

    It couldn’t register a button command to the 2nd player controller’s input port.

    Now my neo geo console is functional and like new again, awsome job, quick service, low repair services, what can I tell?

    Totally recommended, reliable service shop, truly specialized electronic repair services.

  13. Ben Thompson says:

    Just received my pc engine duo back after a full recap and rgb mod, works flawlessly and the picture quality is sublime, thanks Again Mate, wonderful work 🤓👍🏻

  14. Andrew Lee says:

    I’d been looking for somebody to add an RGB SCART output to my Master System 2 and I came across Neil after some Googling. He suggested installing Voultar’s Mega Drive bypass amp in my SMS2 (not something that I’ve read of anyone else doing before and the amp hasn’t been advertised as being Master System compatible) and explained there’d be a turnaround time of maybe 2 months or so, which I was fine with. He did the work in a week at a very reasonable price and my Master System 2 – which I’ve owned since childhood – paired with my OSSC has never looked better. I wish I’d come across Neil’s services much earlier – especially as he’s also based in the UK – and I fully intend to contact him first with any future retro console work.

  15. Jon Lang says:

    The PC Engine DUO arrived today and it’s working perfectly

    I’m so happy with this, you’ve been such a great help

    I just wanted to say thanks for the fix, the speed, and all for a cheap price

    Thanks a lot

  16. Mark says:

    Neil did a fantastic job replacing the caps on my Amiga 600 will be using again for other stuff the I have!!!!!

  17. Marc says:

    After trying to fix a dodgy controller port on my PC Engine myself and making even it worse! I called it a day and sent my console to Neil. It was an excellent experience. I was kept informed all through the process from receipt of console, diagnostics, repair and testing. It was a quick process for me and the communication was first rate. I’ve learnt my lesson – I’ll leave it to someone who knows what they are doing! Will be using 8bitPlus again for AV mods for other consoles I have. Thank You!

  18. Matt says:

    I recently sent Neil my Mega CD after it started showing graphical errors and crashing. I was kept up to date on the fault finding process and after being recapped and a further issue with some traces it was good as new. Highly recommended 🙂

  19. Conor says:

    I bought a famicom from japan with the intention of getting it modded. I contacted a bunch of people asking about it and out of the few that did reply many tried to dupe me as I have never sent something off to be modded before. I found 8bitplus and saw he was in the UK so that was good but he was great to talk to always on the ball with replies and fair pricing too. When the job was done I got in Progress photos and a video showing me my console working and all that he did to it. I asked for a discreet mod and discreet is what I got and I was SUPER impressed. The console was sent back to me in great time and I got it out of the box to find that the working console I sent came back working but SO MUCH better than before. I cannot recommend Neil enough and will almost certainly use his services again.

  20. richard mathers says:

    Neil did some work on my Neo Geo AES recently and i can’t fault his service. i had a sound issue so i sent the board to be re-capped which didn’t work but he then advised that it might be a chip at fault so he replaced some of the sound chips, even using one from his own board and eventually fixed the problem. he also did some other mods for me such as the RGB trace cut and installed a Unibios. very helpful, incredibly knowledgeable and his work is spot on…he even hand delivered my system as he lives fairly local to me!. will defo be using again if i need any repair work. thanks again 🙂

  21. Paul Calvey says:

    Neil did a battery mod for my sega nomad can’t fault his service and will definitely be using his services again in the future

  22. Tim Weatherill says:

    Neil did a fantastic job recapping my turbo duo. He also did the region mod and rgb mod the picture quality has never looked so good. A pleasure to do business with and highly recommended

  23. LukeM says:

    I’ve just had my PC Engine Super CD-Rom2 Re-capped and RGB modded by Neil. What an excellent job hes done! The picture quality is now excellent, i’m hearing music and speech in games that i’m sure wasn’t there prior to the fix and games seem to load faster. I mentioned to Neil that the system struggled to read games on CD-R and he adjusted the tracking and focus of laser as it was a little off and now everything plays perfectly. Excellent comms, super quick turn around and very reasonably priced, i cant recommend him enough. I’ll be sending all my future console mods,faults and restoration work to Neil.

  24. Brian says:

    I had a Sega CDX that was no longer able to play Sega CD games, and Neil was able to successfully troubleshoot and replace the faulty laser / motor. It works perfectly now! Would recommend to anyone.

    • Daniel Hawthorne says:

      I had Neil mod my white sega saturn with switchless 50/60hz, region free bios, new memory module, CDR phantom board and pico psu.

      I received the saturn in the same condition as i had sent it. It works perfectly, plays my originals, CDRs and VCDs with no problems. I can’t wait to have a proper game on it.

      I recommend anyone who is interested in having their console modded to contact Neil. His work is high quality and professional, he keeps you informed on progress and even emails you high quality photos of the work he has done.
      I have already decided on letting Neil handle my next retro project.

  25. Darren McCoy says:

    I got my Neo Geo AES upgraded with the latest bios, my power connector fixed and a nice red LED fitted to the reset button. All for a very reasonable price. Everything came back well packaged within a week and I couldn’t be happier. I would definitely recommend 8bitplus and would be happy to use them again. Thank you.

  26. Chris O'Brien says:

    I sent Neil a faulty Sega CDX to repair the AV port. A Highly recommended repair service and a fast turnaround. Most appreciated, thanks:)

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