Nomad upgrades for Joaquim


Another Sega Nomad upgrade request. This time to do both the screen and a rechargeable battery pack modification.


The battery pack mod involves removing the old (and possible dangerous) Ni-Mh cells that are now beyond maintaining a usable charge. Then installing a new set of Lithium cells along with a charger system for that battery. The whole thing charges using the original Sega Nomad 10v PSU.

After its reassembled, I always give the battery pack a couple of charge and discharge cycles to check everything is in order.

More battery mod details here:


I’ve covered the screen upgrade in detail here:

Quick overview:

New screen hooked up to the composite video point and tested alongside the original screen before removal.

New brightness wheel installed on the LCD driver board. This pot replaces the original on the Sega board because the original is far to higher resistance.

A new screen cover lens is installed to finish the job and everything is reassembled again.

Another Nomad successfully Upgraded.
8bitplus 2016.