2024 Customer work

A quick update to show a couple of jobs I’ve done for customers this year. I’m only accepting a few work requests now and again, but this allowed for more free time for my other projects. I’ll create posts about that later.

Neo Geo CD SD Loader

So to start with I’ve installed a couple of Neo SD Loaders for separate customers. All on Top loaders so far.

Installation is fairly simple, but time consuming due to SNK deciding to user so many screws in this console! Leg 12 of the bios also needs listing and can snap off easily as another customer discovered.

N64 PixelFX Retro Gem HDMI

Next was to install a customers PixelFX Retro Gem board. I’ve done many installations for the N64 RGB and HDMI mods, but this was the first of the universal PixelFX Retro Gem. It was a little more fiddly than the Digital64 HDMI unit, and contained more parts, but was basically the same.

As expected the only hard part of this mod is soldering the flex cable to the extremely small IC legs. I wouldn’t recommend someone do this without good equipment and steady hand.

That’s it for now, more on the way.

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