Welcome to my collection showcase.

Here I’d like to show off some of the interesting systems I have in my collection. I’ve been collecting games and consoles ever since I started playing them. My first console was the Sega Game Gear. From there I collected everything SEGA I could get my hands on, then other systems. My collection covers most well known brands an I love boxed consoles.  

All photos found here have been taken by myself. Please do not use without permission.

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Other consoles, games and Hand-helds from my collection ...


My arcade cabinets and project photos.  Arcade boards and systems ...


SNK home game consoles ...


Nintendo Consoles ...


Sega Consoles. Special or rare Sega games ...

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– 8bitplus

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  1. Stephen Morton says:

    Wow! what a collection. You seem to have almost everything. Love the Japanese Saturns. Steve.

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