This page contains Articles I’ve written. Sometimes I put thoughts together on things I’m working on, or interested. Hopefully you might find something useful or interesting here.

Retro consoles desk

Looking at my Retro Game Desk

Overview of each console currently on my retro gaming desk. Mods installed and configurations. I've had a few emails asking to show off my retro gaming desk section of my ...
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RGB Video Shifter H-Shift V-Shift Device

I managed to get plenty of time to enjoy the 25" Trinitron KV-25F1U TV that I collected recently. Its a great TV and perfect for mostly 240p content, but one ...
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Hydra Automatic Scart Switcher

Hail Hydra. No, I'm not trying to start underground movements to bring down S.H.E.I.L.D, but rather tell you about my experience with the Hydra auto scart switcher. Hydra Scart Switcher ...
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8BitDo Bluetooth DIY Kit Mega Drive

Overview and installation of the Buetooth DIY controller kit from 8BitDo. Convert an original Sega Mega Drive controller to Bluetooth. Easy to install and works great. Also features the Retro ...
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Bad Capacitors & Problems

Lets talk about Capacitors I've worked on many consoles and computers affected by bad capacitors. So here is a short article about what can happen, how to spot problems, and ...
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161-in-1 Neo-Geo MultiGame Cartridge Review

My thoughts and observations while testing the 161-in-1 Neo-Geo MultiGame Cartridge. Testing and setup. Review and photos. 161-in-1 Cartridge Overview Recently I started building a console (consolizing) of a MV-1B ...
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Capcom CPS3 System Darksoft Bios Mods

This article looks at the Capcom CPS3 arcade system. Overview information and a look at the copy protection implemented. Including the final cracking of the system by Darksoft and his ...
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ProGamer Supergun

ProGamer Supergun Retroelectronik Review

Review and closeup look at the ProGamer Supergun by How to setup, configure and get your arcade boards playing on a SCART TV. What is a Supergun? A Supergun ...
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Neo-Geo CD

Neo-Geo CD SNK Arcade CD console system

Article containing information on the Neo-Geo CD home console. info, history, comparisons and photos. Arcade Roots SNK gained mainstream publicity the arcade scene in the mid 80s with stand alone ...
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Amiga 1200 FPU 68882 upgrade testing

Installing and testing a 68882 FPU maths co-processor on my Amiga 1200. Testing with rendering and generation applications to test speed improvements. The FPU Many PC's from the 80s and ...
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Amiga 1200/600 WHDLoad Gaming System

In this article I cover the basics of making a cost effective optimized Amiga 1200 Gaming system. This is for playing the vast majority of the Amiga game library on ...
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Victor V-Saturn

Victor V-Saturn RG-JX1 and RG-JX2

Victor who? What is the Victor V-Saturn? Victor is not a brand we in Europe are familiar with. Although at the same time we are. Ever heard of JVC? JVC ...
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Protection cases

Protection Cases for your Retro Games

Retro game protection cases. A look at a selection of plastic cases to protect your valuable games. Protection Cases If your like me, you want to keep a few of ...
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Capcom CPS-2

Capcom CPS-2 Arcade System

Overview and information about the Capcom CPS-2 arcade system. Covering hardware, piracy and games. Capcom CPS-2 Background The Capcom CPS-2 also knows under its proper name as the Capcom Play ...
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PC Engine Duo

PC Engine Duo

A short article about the NEC PC Engine Duo console, compatibility and common problems. PC Engine CD History PC Engine was one of those odd machines that not many people ...
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Sega Naomi Arcade System

A quick overview of the Sega Naomi arcade system. Background Sega has always had a close relationship with arcade games at home, much more than rivals Nintendo. Right from the ...
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Amiga Blizzard PPC

Blizzard PPC for Amiga 1200

Information about the Blizzard PPC accelerator range for the Amiga 1200 computer. Specs, images and Performance. Background By 1998 it was clear that the Motorola series of processors was loosing ...
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Pier Solar

Pier Solar for Mega Drive

Pier Solar Concept About 6 years ago a group of Sega fans over at the Eidolons Inn forum, known as the Tavern decided to start work on a Mega Drive ...
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CPS-2 Battery Replacement

Intro Its time for me to replace the security batteries in my CPS-2 games so I decided to make a little article following the process and providing a bit of ...
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Laserdisc player


Laserdisc Background The LaserDisc format is much older than people generally realize. Developed in the late 70s as a high quality and reliable image and video storage method. It didn’t ...
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Everdrive 64

Everdrive 64 Cartridge

So I’ve been the proud owner of an Everdrive 64 board now for a week or so, and all I can say is its a fantastic little device. Krikzz has ...
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Everdrive Flash Cartridges

I received my Everdrive PCB’s recently directly from the maker KRIKzz in Ukraine, thanks to "dutch" for setting up a group buy for ASSEMbler board members. KRIKzz Everdrive The Everdrive ...
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Neo-Geo MVS Systems

MVS History The Neo-Geo MVS system is a real arcade icon. Its a benchmark to which all other arcade systems are compared too, even to this day. During its time ...
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Hyper Neo-Geo 64

Hyper Neo-Geo 64

I wasn’t even looking of this when I found it on eBay. I was after a few more games for my MVS system, but I am a real sucker for ...
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