Sega Nomad Capacitor Replacement and Speaker upgrade

Speaker replacement Nomad

This Sega Nomad was sent to be for a Screen replacement, battery pack modification, full cap replacement and a speaker upgrade. It already had a newer LCD screen installed, but it was of the type that put an “AV1” tag in the top corner when starting.

Screen and Battery upgrades are covered in my other pages. Here and Here.

Speaker upgrade 

The speaker in the Nomad is never great. In fact I think it sounds worse than Game Gear most times. Its is fairly ease to replace if you find one in the general specs of the original. 8 to 16 Ohm resistance and 0.2 to 0.5W should work. The complication comes when using a larger diameter. Here I installed a 45mm slim mylar speaker.

Here you can see I had to remove the plastic holder for the original speaker, and mount it slightly off center. I also covered the rear of the cone to avoid direct contact with the motherboard when reassembled. The wire and connector are reused.

Generally this is an improvement over the original unit. Its much louder and sharper.

Capacitor Replacement

Here you can see the motherboard before and after the capacitor replacement. I had to place all the capacitors on their sides due to space constrictions in the Nomad case.

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