DIY Sega Rally Cabinet Complete

I’ve always wanted to own a full size sit down Sega racing cabinet. Now I had the space in my new workshop I decided to build my own. Now its finished and time to show off this project. I couldn’t possibly work out how many hours its taken this year, or the total cost, but here it is:

It features a mix of home made construction and real arcade parts. Powered by a PC running Mame, Model 1/2/3 and TeknoParrot emulators. Full force feedback in most of the games. Plays, sounds and feels just like the real cabinets. Loaded with a library of classic Sega and other racing games. Dyatona USA, Sega Rally, Initial D, Outrun, GTi Club, Ridge Racer and more.

Now if I could just beat that 1st place time in Daytona…..

For more pics and to see how I built it, click here.

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