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Initial D Arcade Cabinet (part 2)

Rebuilding the Sega racing cabinet after metalwork restoration, and repainting. Custom Initial D conversion from Outrun 2. Very excited to say I have got back all the metal pieces of the Sega Outrun 2 cabinet. I had sent them to...


Initial D Arcade Cabinet (part 1)

Time to reveal another project I’m working on…. I’m going to build another racing arcade game. I recently purchased another arcade cabinet (with the wife’s permission). As you may have seen here, some years ago I built an arcade racing...


DIY Sega Rally Cabinet Complete

I’ve always wanted to own a full size sit down Sega racing cabinet. Now I had the space in my new workshop I decided to build my own. Now its finished and time to show off this project. I couldn’t...


8BitDo MegaDrive Bluetooth Controller DIY KIT

Just finished an article about the 8BitDo Bluetooth controller kit and receiver for the Mega Drive. With this kit you can convert an original 6-button Mega Drive controller to Bluetooth and ditch the wire. It also works with Windows, Mac,...

Capcom CPS3 System Darksoft Bios Mods 0

Capcom CPS3 System Darksoft Bios Mods

I’ve just uploaded an article about the CPS-3 arcade system by Capcom. It also included info on the DarkSoft bios modification to bring the system back to life and allows all the games to be played off one CD! Click...


Capcom CPS-2 batteries installed

Now that I have a working SuperGun, I finally got round to changing the batteries in my CPS-2 arcade boards.   These batteries need changing every 4-5 years or so. If they run flat, then the game will no longer...