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DIY Sega Rally Cabinet Complete

I’ve always wanted to own a full size sit down Sega racing cabinet. Now I had the space in my new workshop I decided to build my own. Now its finished and time to show off this project. I couldn’t possibly work out how many hours its taken this year, or the total cost, but here it is:

It features a mix of home made construction and real arcade parts. Powered by a PC running Mame, Model 1/2/3 and TeknoParrot emulators. Full force feedback in most of the games. Plays, sounds and feels just like the real cabinets. Loaded with a library of classic Sega and other racing games. Dyatona USA, Sega Rally, Initial D, Outrun, GTi Club, Ridge Racer and more.

Now if I could just beat that 1st place time in Daytona…..

For more pics and to see how I built it, click here.

8BitDo MegaDrive Bluetooth Controller DIY KIT

Just finished an article about the 8BitDo Bluetooth controller kit and receiver for the Mega Drive. With this kit you can convert an original 6-button Mega Drive controller to Bluetooth and ditch the wire. It also works with Windows, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch as a bonus. Glad these turned up before I packed away my Mega Drive for the move 🙂

Very easy to install and sync, works just as expected. I’ll be getting more 8BitDo kits later for other consoles.

Click here for the full article/review