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8BitDo MegaDrive Bluetooth Controller DIY KIT

Just finished an article about the 8BitDo Bluetooth controller kit and receiver for the Mega Drive. With this kit you can convert an original 6-button Mega Drive controller to Bluetooth and ditch the wire. It also works with Windows, Mac,...


The PSIO Flash cartridge for PlayStation

I finally got my hands on my own PSIO flash cartridge for the PlayStation. This little cartridge allows for game booting from an SD card. It needs a little bit on installing other than just plugging in, but on the...



I’ve managed to get more time to play with my USB-GDRom. Its a great device and well worth the cost at the moment. Its replaced my Dreamshell setup as by default Dreamcast system. Click here, or the images above to...

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ProGamer Supergun Review

New review just published ProGamer Supergun by Click the image to see the full review. Or go to the review section.