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Hail Hydra – Automatic Scart Switcher

Hail Hydra. No, I’m not trying to start underground movements to bring down S.H.E.I.L.D, but rather tell you about my experience with the Hydra auto scart switcher. Hydra Scart Switcher My 5 port manual RGB scart switcher was giving me...


CRT Calibration

Just a quick update on the 21″ Sony Trinitron Last weekend. After spending some time with this TV I’ve managed to get it calibrated and fixed a few issues. Sometimes these old TVs need a bit of tweaking after years...


CRT pickup Road-trip

CRT Madness. Does it exist? My wife thinks I have it, so it must be real. I’ve just been on a 400mile (round trip) to pickup a pair of Sony Trinitron TV sets. It was a long day but totally...


At last! An update.

2021 is just flying by, and its been a long time since I had time to sit down and do an blog update. My workshop got finished early this year just in time to start working from home. So here’s...


Workshop Progress (January)

Well its been an exciting month so far. My long awaited workshop was built just before Christmas, and I could start working on the interior. As I’ve mentioned, I want to use this space as a workshop, office (work from...


Workshop Progress

First post in ages.I’m still alive and so is my dream of building a Workshop and Arcade room in my garden. Some real progress happened last week. The concrete base has now been installed. The final building size will be...


Moving – Decision Time – Status

(Update 26/02/20) Well the move went ahead. The new house needs a HUGE amount of work. I’m currently living in a construction site. The first week we had no heating or hot water. As quotes are coming in for the...


Keeping Busy Jul/Aug

Wow that went by fast! what was it? oh yes, summer. I’ve been ridiculously busy the last couple of months with work but finally its looking like I’m on top of things now. Here’s a few examples of what I’ve...


Keeping Busy (June)

Its time for my monthly report. What Have I been up to this month…. Well firstly I managed to get time to visit the new Arcade Club in Leeds. If you’ve not heard of Arcade Club, its basically a perfect...



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