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Keeping Busy (April) 0

Keeping Busy (April)

Its been a funny month. So much to do, and somehow no matter how much time I put aside, so little actually gets finished. It just seems every job I started leads to another problem, or parts were not available/stuck...

Happy 2019 Everyone! 0

Happy 2019 Everyone!

So I’m off to a good start in 2019. I’ve finished most of the December backlog and got most of that returned to customers. More jobs on the way should mean its going to be a busy month again. What...

Christmas Shutdown 0

Christmas Shutdown

Shutting down work over December I’m planning to keep most of December free to spend time with family. Its been a very busy year and I feel satisfied with all the repairs and upgrades I’ve got done for people in...

New additions to the collection 0

New additions to the collection

I’ve got a couple of new additions to my collection. A PlayStation Debug Station, and a PSX media player/recorder.  Click the photos above to see more of each unit. Thanks James, I’ll take good care of them 🙂

Overloaded 0


Until further notice I cannot accept any more console repair or re-cap jobs, with the exception of UniBios installs. I’m currently at full capacity for booked in jobs, and instead of telling people to expect a 2 month+ wait time...

First update of 2018 0

First update of 2018

My first update of the year and already almost 1 month in. This month I have been busy working tough a few commission repair jobs. I just wanted to share some photos of another NEC Turbo DUO I saved from...

Right tools for the job 0

Right tools for the job

Finally got round to ordering a replacement soldering station. This time I got a proper rework station complete with desoldering gun. My old kit was getting a bit warn out. This should save me loads of time when working on...

Amiga “Retro” design T-Shirts 0

Amiga “Retro” design T-Shirts

T-Shirts A good friend of mine has designed and produced a set of Amiga retro styled T-Shirts. They are available in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Colour options: Black, White and Grey. All designs are original and...