One of the things I’ve been looking into recently is a way of getting better quality photos of my consoles in my collection.
The main concern is having a consistant plain white background.
I think I’ve found a cheap solution.


I’m using a white blackout rollerblind to make a clean “sweeping” background. The lights are a pair of LED wallmount flood lights. The effect looks quite good and was a lot cheaper than some of the starter photography setup kits on eBay.

New Collection Items

I got some consoles from the Leeds Retro Event last weekend. Look what I managed to find!

addition for collection

Victor V.Saturn.

Nintendo Famicom and some games.

SNK Neo-Geo Pocket.

The Saturn looks amazing. Just need to find some time to take some more photos for the Gallery. The Neo-Geo pocket (none colour) is new and unused condition.

The Famicom is the original NES from japan launched in 1983. Unfortunately i’ve not managed to get a picture out of it yet, having problems tuning into its RF channel. I’ll mod it to use Composite or RGB later.

Moving boxes

I’m in the process of slowly moving my collection over from 1 house to another.

This gives me a good opportunity to photo some of the rare or interesting games and consoles in my collection.

Like this copy of Shining Force CD for the Mega CD, and Keio’s Flying Squadron.

Both are fantastic games and command high prices on eBay atm. I found both at local markets for a few £. not bad at all.

Also take a look at this 10th Anniversary edition of Sonic Adventure 2.

The package contains a music CD featuring sound tracks from Sonic titles from 1991-2001, a golden coin and an artwork booklet.

This isn’t a very rare item, but something most collectors will want in their collection.

I’ll post more as I dig them out.