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New additions to the collection 0

New additions to the collection

I’ve got a couple of new additions to my collection. A PlayStation Debug Station, and a PSX media player/recorder.  Click the photos above to see more of each unit. Thanks James, I’ll take good care of them 🙂

Photography 0


One of the things I’ve been looking into recently is a way of getting better quality photos of my consoles in my collection. The main concern is having a consistant plain white background. I think I’ve found a cheap solution....

Photo uploads 0

Photo uploads

I need to spend more time updating my collection Gallery…. Here’s a couple of updates Neo-Geo Pocket. I’m going to get more of these little gems. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]    Amiga 600 (waiting for its Vampire 600 v2 board….)...

New Collection Items 0

New Collection Items

I got some consoles from the Leeds Retro Event last weekend. Look what I managed to find! Victor V.Saturn. Nintendo Famicom and some games. SNK Neo-Geo Pocket. The Saturn looks amazing. Just need to find some time to take some...

Leeds Retro Game Event 0

Leeds Retro Game Event

Leeds town hall hosted the Retro Collectors Event for summer 2016. It was a great turnout, must have been thousands queuing outside and around the block. Take a look at their site for upcoming events.

New Look 0

New Look

Decided to go with a new look for the site for 2015. most websites are heading to a simple, flat “material” design. I’ve also uploaded more photos of my collection now I have finished moving most of it to a...

Moving boxes 0

Moving boxes

I’m in the process of slowly moving my collection over from 1 house to another. This gives me a good opportunity to photo some of the rare or interesting games and consoles in my collection. Like this copy of Shining...

More photos added 0

More photos added

Loads of photos of my arcade machines and restoration projects uploaded to the Gallery over the weekend. Including photos of my current project: This Naomi Universal cabinet can now play Dreamcast games!