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New additions to the collection

I’ve got a couple of new additions to my collection. A PlayStation Debug Station, and a PSX media player/recorder.  Click the photos above to see more of each unit. Thanks James, I’ll take good care of them 🙂



One of the things I’ve been looking into recently is a way of getting better quality photos of my consoles in my collection. The main concern is having a consistant plain white background. I think I’ve found a cheap solution....

Photo uploads 0

Photo uploads

I need to spend more time updating my collection Gallery…. Here’s a couple of updates Neo-Geo Pocket. I’m going to get more of these little gems. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]    Amiga 600 (waiting for its Vampire 600 v2 board….)...


New Collection Items

I got some consoles from the Leeds Retro Event last weekend. Look what I managed to find! Victor V.Saturn. Nintendo Famicom and some games. SNK Neo-Geo Pocket. The Saturn looks amazing. Just need to find some time to take some...


Leeds Retro Game Event

Leeds town hall hosted the Retro Collectors Event for summer 2016. It was a great turnout, must have been thousands queuing outside and around the block. Take a look at their site for upcoming events.

New Look 0

New Look

Decided to go with a new look for the site for 2015. most websites are heading to a simple, flat “material” design. I’ve also uploaded more photos of my collection now I have finished moving most of it to a...


Moving boxes

I’m in the process of slowly moving my collection over from 1 house to another. This gives me a good opportunity to photo some of the rare or interesting games and consoles in my collection. Like this copy of Shining...


More photos added

Loads of photos of my arcade machines and restoration projects uploaded to the Gallery over the weekend. Including photos of my current project: This Naomi Universal cabinet can now play Dreamcast games!