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Hail Hydra – Automatic Scart Switcher

Hail Hydra. No, I’m not trying to start underground movements to bring down S.H.E.I.L.D, but rather tell you about my experience with the Hydra auto scart switcher. Hydra Scart Switcher My 5 port manual RGB scart switcher was giving me...

Capcom CPS3 System Darksoft Bios Mods 0

Capcom CPS3 System Darksoft Bios Mods

I’ve just uploaded an article about the CPS-3 arcade system by Capcom. It also included info on the DarkSoft bios modification to bring the system back to life and allows all the games to be played off one CD! Click...


Pier Solar

I’ve Re-uploaded and updated my article about Pier Solar for the Megadrive/Genesis. Fantastic game, well worth checking out. Pier Solar Article