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Happy 2019 Everyone! 0

Happy 2019 Everyone!

So I’m off to a good start in 2019. I’ve finished most of the December backlog and got most of that returned to customers. More jobs on the way should mean its going to be a busy month again. What...

Christmas Shutdown 0

Christmas Shutdown

Shutting down work over December I’m planning to keep most of December free to spend time with family. Its been a very busy year and I feel satisfied with all the repairs and upgrades I’ve got done for people in...

USB-GDROM board 0


I’ve managed to get more time to play with my USB-GDRom. Its a great device and well worth the cost at the moment. Its replaced my Dreamshell setup as by default Dreamcast system. Click here, or the images above to...

3DO RGB mod installed 0

3DO RGB mod installed

I’ve just finished installing an RGB video mod in a 3DO for a customer. The Panasonic FZ-1 already has composite and s-video but RGB makes for a much sharper image. Its not an install for beginners but well worth the...

Another Sega Triple Mod 0

Another Sega Triple Mod

Busy busy as always. I’ve just finished another switchless combo mod for a customer. This is a Megadrive, MegaCD and 32X all working in harmony with a central switchless mod. Just hold the RESET button to switch the whole setup...

Just got a USB-GDROM board 4

Just got a USB-GDROM board

Very exciting stuff. I just got a USB-GDROM board this week. If you’ve not heard of it before, Its a drive drive replacement board for the Sega Dreamcast that allows you to load games directly of a USB stick or HDD....

The Prefect Sega Saturn 0

The Prefect Sega Saturn

I set about making the perfect Sega Saturn. This unit now features: Full motherboard capacitor replacement Phantom modchip Region Free BIOS Switchless 50/60hz selection FRAM save memory mod Click Here or the images above to see how all this was...

New additions to the collection 0

New additions to the collection

I’ve got a couple of new additions to my collection. A PlayStation Debug Station, and a PSX media player/recorder.  Click the photos above to see more of each unit. Thanks James, I’ll take good care of them 🙂