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Unibios install in Neo-Geo CD Toploader 1

Unibios install in Neo-Geo CD Toploader

Jut completed a Unibios install for a customer, and I spotted that I didn’t have any photos on here showing the installation in the Neo-Geo CD Toploader version. Click the photos or Here to link to the information page for...

Universe BIOS 4.0 released (AES, MVS) 2

Universe BIOS 4.0 released (AES, MVS)

Last month Razoola released a milestone release version of the universe BIOS.  Unibios 4.0 This release contains a new colour scheme, bug fixes, new features and updates to the cheat database. Click here for a full changelog. So far this...

Overloaded 0


Until further notice I cannot accept any more console repair or re-cap jobs, with the exception of UniBios installs. I’m currently at full capacity for booked in jobs, and instead of telling people to expect a 2 month+ wait time...

Master System FM Sound 0

Master System FM Sound

Just installed a FM sound modulator in a customers Sega Master System. This upgrade adds back the original FM sound system that was removed from PAL and US Master System consoles. Plenty of games still have the code to play...

Switchless mods MD2, MCD2, 32X 0

Switchless mods MD2, MCD2, 32X

Just wanted to show off a short video of a switchless region and video mode mod on a customers Mega Drive 2, Mega CD 2 and 32X. All function of old switch mods is preformed with the reset button. I...

PSIO pre-ordered 2

PSIO pre-ordered

Exciting! I’ve just pre-ordered a PSIO. This card connects to the back of the older model PlayStation’s (ones with the parallel ext port) and allows the loading of ISO’s from an SD card.  I wont be expecting to get my...

PS2 HDD IDE to SATA Upgrade 0

PS2 HDD IDE to SATA Upgrade

And now for something a bit different. After finding a few problems with the old IDE HDD in my PS2, I decided to install and new SATA drive. To do this I upgraded the existing IDE+LAN adapter with a SATA...

First update of 2018 0

First update of 2018

My first update of the year and already almost 1 month in. This month I have been busy working tough a few commission repair jobs. I just wanted to share some photos of another NEC Turbo DUO I saved from...

PAL N64 RGB upgrade 0

PAL N64 RGB upgrade

Just put the finishing touches to an installation of the N64 RGB upgrade board for a customer. Click on the image above or here to see the results.