Keeping Busy (May)

Its been a funny month. I’ve had lots of time, but for some reason it seems hard to get any work done. It sounds like a problem, but actually I’ve been working on couple of projects for myself. More on that another time, what did I actually get done….

MCD-Repair-Recap-1 MCD-Repair-Recap-2

One customer from Sweden sent me a Sega Mega CD mk1. it was not powering up, and suffered from the usual capacitor leakage. He also wanted a region Free bios, new laser and drive opening belt. 


Next up was a very nice PC Engine DUO. This also needed all the caps replacing and a RGB video mod installing. Sounds much better now.

Lastly I’ve had multiple PlayStation’s in for PSIO switchboard installs.


I’m getting quite a lot of PSIO install requests now that the units are selling quicker from the supplier

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