Keeping busy (March)

I’ve decided to make more regular posts each month showing off what I’ve been working on. Mostly it will be customers consoles, but once in a blue moon I might get something done for myself 🙂

So this month… I’ve installed another RGB mod board in a customers Panasonic 3DO FZ-1. Not much different to the other FZ-1 and FZ-10 systems I’ve done before.

Next is an RGB mod in an Amiga CD32. I fully recapped the console too as all Amiga’s with surface mount caps will eventually have problems. The RGB mod is quite simple, it already has the same RGB video encoder as the A1200 and A600. The signal just needs tapping off to a suitable port. I removed the RF module and soldered on a 9-pin mini din (same port as a MegaDrive 2)

Next was an official Unibios installation in a CDZ. I like this console more than the original top loaders. Installation involves directly wiring a new socket to the old bios location. Find more detailed info on this work here.

I also did a couple of PSIO installations, a Game Gear recap, MultiMega recap, battery changes on 3 CPS2 games and a PSOne modchip.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any mod installation or recap requirement.

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