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Dreamcast IDE mod 0

Dreamcast IDE mod

I managed to get a little time to do a mod on one of my own consoles 🙂 Installed an IDE HDD system and bios bootloader for Dreamshell. So far its working great with only a few program issues. Click...

Keeping busy 2 0

Keeping busy 2

Just wanted to show off a couple more of my recent jobs I’ve completed. Click on the pics to link to the details for PC Engine Duo RX RGB Mod and PC Engine (white) RGB Mod. NEC PC Engine’s are...

Right tools for the job 0

Right tools for the job

Finally got round to ordering a replacement soldering station. This time I got a proper rework station complete with desoldering gun. My old kit was getting a bit warn out. This should save me loads of time when working on...

Amiga “Retro” design T-Shirts 0

Amiga “Retro” design T-Shirts

T-Shirts A good friend of mine has designed and produced a set of Amiga retro styled T-Shirts. They are available in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Colour options: Black, White and Grey. All designs are original and...

Sonic 3 Complete reproduction cartridge 0

Sonic 3 Complete reproduction cartridge

Ever heard of Sonic 3 Complete? Its a combination Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles with loads of additions, tweaks and fixes. I’ve just got this working by programming a new EPROM and installing in a donor PCB. Click here...

Neo-Geo AES Unibios installation RGB and Stereo fix 0

Neo-Geo AES Unibios installation RGB and Stereo fix

Just finished with another installation of the Unibios on a AES system. Along with the Universe Bios install, I was asked to resolve the Jailbar lines in the RGB video, and correct the flipped stereo signal from the headphone port....

SNES Reproduction Carts 0

SNES Reproduction Carts

I’ve been playing around making my own English copy of Mario RPG for SNES. Also a Star Fox 2 cartridge while I was at it. Click the image or Here to see more details on this little project.

CDZ UniBios installed 0

CDZ UniBios installed

My latest commission job, Install a UniBios chip in a Neo-Geo CDZ console. Its a very tricky job. Click the image to check out this install.