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Universal Programmer & SNES SuperCIC 0

Universal Programmer & SNES SuperCIC

I just got my first Universal Programmer last week, and thought for a test run I’d make a SuperCIC ship for my SNES. All that’s needed is a PIC16F630 and the Lock code from the developers site. All credit to...

More commission work keeping me busy 0

More commission work keeping me busy

Its good to keep busy… Take a look at some of the jobs I’ve been working on recently. Another PCE Duo to re-cap and fix sound. Nomad re-cap and speaker upgrade and Sega CDX re-cap.

Capcom CPS3 System Darksoft Bios Mods 0

Capcom CPS3 System Darksoft Bios Mods

I’ve just uploaded an article about the CPS-3 arcade system by Capcom. It also included info on the DarkSoft bios modification to bring the system back to life and allows all the games to be played off one CD! Click...

Capcom CPS-2 batteries installed 0

Capcom CPS-2 batteries installed

Now that I have a working SuperGun, I finally got round to changing the batteries in my CPS-2 arcade boards. These batteries need changing every 4-5 years or so. If they run flat, then the game will no longer work....

ProGamer Supergun Review 0

ProGamer Supergun Review

New review just published ProGamer Supergun by Retroelectronik.com Click the image to see the full review. Or go to the review section.

A1200 Motherboard Repairs (part 4) 0

A1200 Motherboard Repairs (part 4)

Still looking at the 1.D.1 board with the bad capacitors and missing IDE connection. I managed to clean up the IDE connector as you can see below. A little flux and the solder pump did the job. I also removed...

A1200 Motherboard Repairs (part 3) 0

A1200 Motherboard Repairs (part 3)

Finally got chance to take a look at another couple of A1200 boards. Firstly a version 1.D.4 that looked to be in good cosmetic condition. This board booted up and passed all my tests so far. No work needed. Happy...

A1200 Motherboard Repairs (part 2) 0

A1200 Motherboard Repairs (part 2)

Lets take a look at another couple of A1200 boards from the pile. The first one was working right away, it was just missing its mouse port. With it being a rev. 1.D.4, the mouse port is on a ribbon...

Amiga 1200 Motherboard Repairs 0

Amiga 1200 Motherboard Repairs

I decided it would be a good idea to find a spare motherboard for my A1200 tower or WHDLoad system. I thought I might have one or two in storage that might need attention but should be fixable. Found 5!...