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I’ll be taking part in a 24 hour video game marathon this month to support the charity Special Effect. They specialize in helping people with disabilities access video games. Furthermore they support access to technology that can lead to independent education,...

Christmas Time 0

Christmas Time

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! At Christmas time I would always get excited for a new console, or the next must have game when I was a kid. Even though its not the same with modern games, Christmas...

Amiga 600 Preparing for Vampire 0

Amiga 600 Preparing for Vampire

I’ve just created a page detailing some of the changes I made to my stock Amiga 600 to get it ready for the Vampire 600. When the card arrives, I’ll cover the installation and setup in more detail. Exciting times...

Retro Event 0

Retro Event

This morning I attended the Collectorabilia Retro Event in Leeds. Lots of collectables and video games for sale. I didn’t get much this time, but I did find a very nice clear GameBoy. Photos uploading soon. www.collectorabilia.com www.retroevents.co.uk

Photography 0


One of the things I’ve been looking into recently is a way of getting better quality photos of my consoles in my collection. The main concern is having a consistant plain white background. I think I’ve found a cheap solution....

Photo uploads 0

Photo uploads

I need to spend more time updating my collection Gallery…. Here’s a couple of updates Neo-Geo Pocket. I’m going to get more of these little gems. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]    Amiga 600 (waiting for its Vampire 600 v2 board….)...

Amiga 600 Vampire project 0

Amiga 600 Vampire project

I’ve started work on my Amiga 600 in preparation for the arrival of my Vampire 600 accelerator board. This little board will upgrade the modest A600 to around 100x its original speed and performance. It also adds GFX modes with...