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CRT Calibration 2, RGB Shift Solution

I managed to get plenty of time to enjoy the 25″ Trinitron KV-25F1U TV that I collected recently. Its a great TV and perfect for mostly 240p content, but one problem has bugged me since I got it. The horizontal...


TF330 Accelerator Card for Amiga CD32

Any Amiga CD32 Fans here? I’ve just finished a page about the TF330 upgrade card for the CD32. It adds a faster processor, loads of RAM and an IDE port for a HDD. Click the images above or Here to...


Retro PC now with Voodoo2

You may have seen my previous posts about building a Retro PC for some DOS game action… I wanted to keep maximum DOS compatibility, but also add support for 90’s 3D accelerated Windows games. So the biggest additions were the...


Fully booked again

Just to let everyone know, I’m fully booked again for repairs/upgrades. By all means please email for quotes but I won’t be able to accommodate more work for July and August.

Unibios install in Neo-Geo CD Toploader 1

Unibios install in Neo-Geo CD Toploader

Jut completed a Unibios install for a customer, and I spotted that I didn’t have any photos on here showing the installation in the Neo-Geo CD Toploader version. Click the photos or Here to link to the information page for...

Universe BIOS 4.0 released (AES, MVS) 2

Universe BIOS 4.0 released (AES, MVS)

Last month Razoola released a milestone release version of the universe BIOS.  Unibios 4.0 This release contains a new colour scheme, bug fixes, new features and updates to the cheat database. Click here for a full changelog. So far this...