3DO Recapped, New battery and ODE installed (June23)

Installing all new caps on a customers Panasonic 3DO. New battery and installing ODE drive.

This is a post I should have made in June this year. Its been a very busy summer and I’ve just got round to posting any blog updates. Same story as always I guess.

So starting off I completed a full recap of a customers Panasonic 3DO. He also requested That I changed the battery and install his provided ODE drive while I had it.

The console was in very good condition and there was vrw little sign of capasitor leakage. The only place I ever see tthis is around the caps on the internal power supply section of the board. Usually its C35 and C36. No issues with this install and I soon got it reassembled and installed the ODE Drive.

Panasonic really engineered a good console.

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