Some Amiga recapping

Amiga 600 motherboard

Just to keep my hand in, I agreed to recap some Amiga boards for a friend recently. He sent an A1200, A600 and 2x CD32 boards. The A1200 also needed a new IDE header as the original was bent and some pins missing. I started with the A1200 first

Next the A600. I always wonder why the 2 capacitors need to be installed behind the keyboard connection. Its important to insulate with plenty of Kapton tape to prevent any accidental melting of the plastic parts. Its a very awkward place to solder.

The CD32’s have the most capacitors so I left them to last. No problems found except the electrolytic caps were showing leakage and damage, but this is expected. No damage to any of the boards I’ve seen.

I tested the CD32 board with my original CD drive and also with the very underused TF330 card. the CD32 is a great system and very capable for use as a WHDLoad play centre as long as you have a mouse and keyboard for it.

All boards tested and returned to their owner.

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