A Quick UniBios Installation

Yes, just a quick UniBios installation in an acquaintances Neo Geo AES.

His console was equipped with a very old version of the Debug Bios, not the original chip. It was working fine for him for most games, except Alpha Mission II. Strangely this game didn’t always start-up correctly and sometimes needed the cartridge lifting up slightly in the slot.

After testing and confirming these findings, I removed the ROM and installed a socket. I have no idea why someone didn’t install a socket when they removed the original SNK ROM. With my disordering gun the chip was out in about 2 minutes.

With the latest UniBios onboard Alpha Mission II ran perfectly every time. Its a very good shooter game, and one I don’t have in my MVS collection. I was very happy for a chance to play this on real hardware before sending it back. Space shooters are a favourite of mine especially arcade quality ones like this. It looks very good displayed on a CRT as intended.

Feel free to contact me for help if needed, but please remember I cannot accept all/every work requests. The time I have available is still very unpredictable.

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