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Upgrades on Upgrades 0

Upgrades on Upgrades

I’ve taken a little timeout this weekend to play with my Amiga 1200 Tower. Recently I got a very cool Apollo 1260 Accelerator card with a 80Mhz clocked Freescale 68060 CPU. One downside to the A1260 over the Blizzard line...

The PSIO Flash cartridge for PlayStation 0

The PSIO Flash cartridge for PlayStation

I finally got my hands on my own PSIO flash cartridge for the PlayStation. This little cartridge allows for game booting from an SD card. It needs a little bit on installing other than just plugging in, but on the...

USB-GDROM board 0


I’ve managed to get more time to play with my USB-GDRom. Its a great device and well worth the cost at the moment. Its replaced my Dreamshell setup as by default Dreamcast system. Click here, or the images above to...

The Prefect Sega Saturn 0

The Prefect Sega Saturn

I set about making the perfect Sega Saturn. This unit now features: Full motherboard capacitor replacement Phantom modchip Region Free BIOS Switchless 50/60hz selection FRAM save memory mod Click Here or the images above to see how all this was...

PS2 HDD IDE to SATA Upgrade 0

PS2 HDD IDE to SATA Upgrade

And now for something a bit different. After finding a few problems with the old IDE HDD in my PS2, I decided to install and new SATA drive. To do this I upgraded the existing IDE+LAN adapter with a SATA...

Dreamcast IDE mod 0

Dreamcast IDE mod

I managed to get a little time to do a mod on one of my own consoles 🙂 Installed an IDE HDD system and bios bootloader for Dreamshell. So far its working great with only a few program issues. Click...

Sonic 3 Complete reproduction cartridge 0

Sonic 3 Complete reproduction cartridge

Ever heard of Sonic 3 Complete? Its a combination Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles with loads of additions, tweaks and fixes. I’ve just got this working by programming a new EPROM and installing in a donor PCB. Click here...

SNES Reproduction Carts 0

SNES Reproduction Carts

I’ve been playing around making my own English copy of Mario RPG for SNES. Also a Star Fox 2 cartridge while I was at it. Click the image or Here to see more details on this little project.