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A1200 Motherboard Repairs (part 4) 0

A1200 Motherboard Repairs (part 4)

Still looking at the 1.D.1 board with the bad capacitors and missing IDE connection. I managed to clean up the IDE connector as you can see below. A little flux and the solder pump did the job. I also removed...

A1200 Motherboard Repairs (part 3) 0

A1200 Motherboard Repairs (part 3)

Finally got chance to take a look at another couple of A1200 boards. Firstly a version 1.D.4 that looked to be in good cosmetic condition. This board booted up and passed all my tests so far. No work needed. Happy...

Amiga 600 Preparing for Vampire 0

Amiga 600 Preparing for Vampire

I’ve just created a page detailing some of the changes I made to my stock Amiga 600 to get it ready for the Vampire 600. When the card arrives, I’ll cover the installation and setup in more detail. Exciting times...

Amiga 600 Vampire project 0

Amiga 600 Vampire project

I’ve started work on my Amiga 600 in preparation for the arrival of my Vampire 600 accelerator board. This little board will upgrade the modest A600 to around 100x its original speed and performance. It also adds GFX modes with...

PC Engine RGB Mod complete 0

PC Engine RGB Mod complete

Just finished modding my PC Engine CD system to RGB video output The results are great, click the image above for more info on this project.

Famicom AV Mod 0

Famicom AV Mod

I can now play my Nintendo Famicom console on my TV with this modification. Click the image for more information.

PC Engine CD system 0

PC Engine CD system

Just got another system that was on my wanted list for some time. The PC Engine, Interface Unit and CD-Rom2. I’ve had a Duo console for a while but nothing beats the original pair, like the Megadrive and MegaCD; just...

Help with your projects 0

Help with your projects

New section added to the site. I’m now offering to help people with their own projects. Your Consoles If you’d like to get in contact about any projects on this site, or to discuss any retro console, arcade or computer...

Orange Pi 0

Orange Pi

A good friend of mine has been busy playing with the Orange Pi board (a more powerful version of the Raspberry Pi). He’s set up a WordPress website actually hosted on the tiny computer, and is keeping a blog of...