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Naomi cabinet 0

Naomi cabinet

I have finally got round to painting the metal covers on my Sega Naomi universal cabinet. Looks great with new lettering on the side. The aluminium were sand blasted and primed before painting. Very happy with the results.

New Amiga 1200 Tower project 0

New Amiga 1200 Tower project

I’m currently building an Amiga 1200 system tower. So far the motherboard is in the case and booting from HDD. Power is supplied via the AT PSU to the Mediator PCI busboard. Just waiting for the Blizzard CPU card and...

Raspberry Pi Netboot 0

Raspberry Pi Netboot

New project page added describing how I got the Sega Netboot to work with the Raspberry Pi. Much easier than connecting a laptop to the arcade machine to boot a new game.

Nomad Battery Mod 0

Nomad Battery Mod

To go with my modified Sega nomad with new LCD screen, I made a high capacity Li-ion battery pack. Click here to see how it works

Screen upgrade complete 1

Screen upgrade complete

Just finished the Nomad screen mod. Looking good. All info for this project can be found here Nomad Screen LCD upgrade project

Nomad Progress 2

Nomad Progress

At last I’ve found an LCD that works with the Genesis/Nomad video signal. The viewing angle is not as good as one of the other screens I’ve tested, but the contrast and pixel detail is very good. Unfortunately it doesn’t...

Sega Nomad new LCD 0

Sega Nomad new LCD

Continuing my theme of handheld games after fixing my Game Gear, I’m now working to fit a new LCD screen to my Sega Nomad. More info soon.