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Game Gear Fixing 0

Game Gear Fixing

Working on fixing the sound and screen problems on my Game Gears. All got the same capacitor issues. Easy fix with a kit from ebay. started by removing the old caps on the sound board. They’ve even started to swell....

Amiga 1200 Projects 0

Amiga 1200 Projects

Uploaded 2 project pages about my ambitious Amiga 1200 desktop computer upgrades and modification. Amiga 1200 Desktop upgrade (version 1, 2010) Amiga 1200 Desktop upgrade (version 2, 2011)

Naomi Supercapacitor 0

Naomi Supercapacitor

Another Little mode on the Naomi is to change the “Supercapacitor” located next to the battery backup. This little cap has a reputation of going bad, leaking and bricking the system. Its very easy and cheap to replace. Part number...

Naomi Zero Key 0

Naomi Zero Key

Got the Zero Key needed to load decrypted game images in the Naomi NetDimm I had to remove the surface plate to install the chip. The original GD decryption keys had a packaging that allowed the chip to be installed...

Naomi Netboot 0

Naomi Netboot

New Project to work on alongside the Naomi Universal Cabinet restoration. Just received a Netboot Dimm module. Been looking for this for a while now. This will allow the Naomi to boot game data from a network computer. My plan...

More photos added 0

More photos added

Loads of photos of my arcade machines and restoration projects uploaded to the Gallery over the weekend. Including photos of my current project: This Naomi Universal cabinet can now play Dreamcast games!