Famicom Classic AV Installation

Famicom AV install

Another post bring updates of my requests for this year. Just because I don’t update often doesn’t mean I’m not busy 🙂 This was a nice job, and one I always enjoy doing. I had a request to install a composite AV mod on a customers Japanese Famicom.

As you might know already the Famicom (released as the NES outside Japan) was only provided a RF output. RF being the most compatible output for the customer base at the time. Lots of TV then only had RF tuners. This makes it very hard to find compatible displays, and renders it incompatible with upscales. Even CRT TV’s might not be able to tune to the Japanese RF frequency. Composite is much more compatible and easier to deal with.

The Famicom

Well, I didn’t expect this 30+ year old console to look so good. It looked almost new! Perhaps someone already did an external restoration.

Mod Installation

This mod has been covered on this site before, so no need to go into too much detail. Basically a video signal is taken from the PPU before going to the RF modulator. This signal needs amplifying and filtering then sending to a socket. Audio is patched from the main cartridge connector. The real challenge it to keep the mod compact to allow fitting in the case when reinstalling. The space is limited and the cartridge eject mechanism can interfere with any wires in that area.

Everything went as expected with no complications. I prefer to install a small 3.5mm jack rather than full RCA sockets. It keeps the console more stock looking and only needs a minimal amount of case cutting.

Please contact me if you would like this mod doing on a Famicom. Please keep in mind I might not be able to accept all requests, as my free time is limited.

Contact me here

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