Amiga 1200 Motherboard Repairs

I decided it would be a good idea to find a spare motherboard for my A1200 tower or WHDLoad system. I thought I might have one or two in storage that might need attention but should be fixable.

Found 5! (3x version 1.D.4 and 2x 1.D.1)

The first board I selected (v1.D.4) booted up fine with a pair of 3.0 roms. I connected a compatible floppy drive and played some Alien Breed II form 20 minutes or so. Everything seems to be in order but the sound is a bit low.

Next I need to test out the PCMCIA connector and see if Hard Drives work on the IDE port. Changing the capacitors on this and some of the other boards would also be a good move. So far its a good start. The cost of A1200 motherboards has gone up a lot from when I used to buy them for £15-20 each 10 years ago. They regularly sell for £100+. 

Looks like I need more Kickstart Roms and Cap kits.

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