Display Kiosk for Sega Dreamcast console

Sega Dreamcast Display Kiosk

Back in 1999 when Sega were ready to start selling the Dreamcsast they sent out a number of display kiosk units to retail chains that would stock there products. The idea is to allow people to get hands-on with the latest game, and hopefully increase sales of software. Most of the time the kiosks run a demo disc containing a selection of trial games (like the Dream-on GDs), other times they run a full retail version of a game.

Other that demos and retail games, Sega would send out pre-production versions of the latest games. I was lucky enough to get one of these white top pre-production games with the Dreamcast in the kiosk.They are not exactly very rare but it’s always good to find a nice little none-retail item like this as a bonus. It was only by chance I got the unit.

Surprise Find

It was my Dad that first found the kiosk when he was servicing the fire extinguishers in a pub basement near Menston He knew right away that this was something I would just love to have. When he asked the landlord if he would consider selling the kiosk he said that it was no longer wanted and was free for the taking. Dad managed to get the beast into his work van and brought it home. It was a very present surprise for me that day.

As you can imagine, a pub is not the ideal environment for something like this. The Display Kiosk case needed a good clean with soapy water to get rid of the nicotine and the smoky smell. It also seemed that as the letters on “Dreamcast” and the main logo started to peel they were pulled off by unsympathetic customers. As you can see in the picture it was missing two and a half letters, and the entire “swirl” was gone without a trace.


The simplest solution was to replace them by finding the Dreamcast font, them printing the letters out at the correct scale. I then used that as a stencil, then traced around them onto shiny, thick electrical tape. To replace the swirl I did the same with blue sticky-back paper. I had to guess the size and position on the Display Kiosk.

With the lefts over paper I made a nice Sega logo to go under the screen. Although its not a authentic detail I like It


The florescent lamps needed replacing but I found the right ones at a local electrical shop. The controller cages needed repairing and repainting, but they still hold good and tight.

I no longer own this Display Kiosk, I sold it to another private collector years ago. My interested were moving towards arcade machines and I needed the space for my Sega Scud Race cabinet.
Still it was interesting to look back on and to say I owned this unusual Sega machine.
I also found some pictures of the Display Kiosk in the Official Dreamcast Magazine.
they would feature a kiosk on location with some of the games. Enjoy.

8bitplus 2008

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  1. k says:

    Hello! You mention that there was a pre-production game with the DC. Do you remember what game that was? Thanks!

    • 8bitplus says:

      Hi. I think I should edit that. It was a whte lable game, so review/pre-release copy not preproduction. It was Crazy Taxi 2.

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