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Moving boxes

I’m in the process of slowly moving my collection over from 1 house to another.

This gives me a good opportunity to photo some of the rare or interesting games and consoles in my collection.

Like this copy of Shining Force CD for the Mega CD, and Keio’s Flying Squadron.

Both are fantastic games and command high prices on eBay atm. I found both at local markets for a few £. not bad at all.

Also take a look at this 10th Anniversary edition of Sonic Adventure 2.

The package contains a music CD featuring sound tracks from Sonic titles from 1991-2001, a golden coin and an artwork booklet.

This isn’t a very rare item, but something most collectors will want in their collection.

I’ll post more as I dig them out.

Netboot Working

Thanks to the people on the Jammaplus forum for the advice in getting the Netdimm to boot.

I was having problems making a solid connection and as it turned out I needed to lower the speed of the computer LAN adapter to 10/100.


In other news I have uploaded a few of my old articles and projects to the site. Find them in the sections above.

Naomi Supercapacitor

Another Little mode on the Naomi is to change the “Supercapacitor” located next to the battery backup.
This little cap has a reputation of going bad, leaking and bricking the system. Its very easy and cheap to replace.

Part number is EECS0HD104H. Found on ebay for £2.50. Worth it.

Naomi Zero Key

Got the Zero Key needed to load decrypted game images in the Naomi NetDimm

I had to remove the surface plate to install the chip. The original GD decryption keys had a packaging that allowed the chip to be installed and removed easily.

Now all that’s needed is the new BIOS.

Naomi Netboot

New Project to work on alongside the Naomi Universal Cabinet restoration.

Just received a Netboot Dimm module. Been looking for this for a while now.

This will allow the Naomi to boot game data from a network computer. My plan is to use a Raspberry Pi to transfer data.

Still need a few more parts:

  • Decrypted security key for the Dimm
  • Naomi BIOS compatible with the DIMM
  • Raspberry Pi and LCD display for data loading

I’m also going to do a battery capacitor replacement on the motherboard first, as they leak over time eventually killing the board.