Terms and Conditions

Console repair and commission work request terms and conditions.


  • The customer must provide all information needed for 8bitplus to make an accurate quote.
  • Parts that may be required may vary in price from the original quote. In most cases 8bitplus will honour the original quote but in some cases the price may be higher than listed.
  • The customer must disclose any problems and defects with the hardware that may prevent 8bitplus from completing work.
  • Return postage quotation cost is an estimate. Exact cost will be calculated when the package is ready to return and has been weighed.


  • The customer is responsible for securely packing and sending the console. Instructions will be given as to what cables or power adaptors, if any, will be required to be posted along with the console.
  • 8bitplus is not responsible for damage to your hardware caused by transportation. The customer will have to take this up with the courier themselves. We always recommend using reputable carriers and taking out adequate insurance on your package depending on value.
  • Any customer sending a console from outside the UK is fully responsible for any export/import duties, taxes or additional fees. These may be added to the customers bill and/or requested as immediate payment. 8bitplus is not responsible for customer goods loss or damage at costumes inspection.

Work and repairs

  • Customer hardware will be visually inspected on arrival to make sure it conforms to the initial description.
  • The hardware will be tested to check functionality to confirm with customer description before any work is started. If any major problems are identified preventing the completion of work that were not disclosed by the customer, 8bitplus has the right to charge a fee of up to £15 for the time required, and return the hardware with postage costs payable by the customer.
  • Faults reported by the customer will be confirmed before any work commences.
  • 8bitplus can not 100% guarantee that all hardware is fixable and in some cases can cost more to repair than to replace.
  • We can also not guarantee that replacement part will be available from suppliers when required.
  • 8bitplus is a single man operation. The time frame quoted is subject to change without prior notice. The time I have available to allocate to work is not guaranteed, and extremely limited. Please keep this in mind. Customers will be informed of progress and changes to schedules if they change.


  • Goods will not be released until payment is received in full.
  • Payment (via PayPal invoice to the customer) must be paid in full within 15 days unless other arrangements have been made prior to invoicing.
  • Some work orders may require a deposit to cover the cost of parts ordered in from overseas which are not held in stock.

Return postage

  • By default Hermes is used for most packages over 1kg within the UK. Lighter packages and Packages destined for outside of the UK are sent via Royal Mail. If the customer wishes to use a different curries for return postage they must specify before postage is booked.
  • Packages are always sent with insurance and will require a signature for delivery. Tracking is included by default for packages over 1kg.
  • Tracking details will be sent to the customer when they become available.
  • The customer must provide a valid and complete return address either by email or written note included with the console/hardware.
  • Although 8bitplus is not directly responsible for a package when handed over to a carrier, I will always follow up postage and delivery cases and keep the customer informed via email.


  • The customer can cancel the work request any time up to the time work has started.