Services, repairs and upgrade installations

8Bitplus now offers a range of services for your retro game console.

Servicing – Repairs – Upgrades – Modifications – Capacitor Replacement for retro game consoles.

I’m a UK based retro console enthusiast with extensive knowledge and experience of installing a wide range of upgrade and modifications. Everything from capacitor replacement, region changing, bios installation and repairs. Below are a list of prices I charge to install mods on your consoles. I do not sell parts or kits for modding. My aim to is to keep help you keep your retro gaming in working condition

Official UK Unibios installation service

Prices examples (email for quote now)

Neo Geo AES Unibios installation £39

Neo Geo MVS Unibios Installation £39

Neo Geo CD Unibios Front Loader installation £40

Neo Geo CD Unibios Top Loader installation £52

Neo Geo CDZ Unibios installation £52

PC Engine RGB MOD From £39

PC Engine Capacitor replacement From £39

PC Engine DUO Capacitor replacement £42

Amiga 600/1200 Capacitor replacement £35



Sega Saturn Switchless MOD £40

Sega Saturn Region Free BIOS installation £38

Sega Saturn FRAM memory upgrade £34

Sega Megadrive Switchless MOD £35

Sega Mega CD Capacitor replacement £38

Dreamcast Region Free BIOS installation £38

Famicom AV mod £43

Super Famicom/SNES Switchless MOD £39

PlayStation Modchip installation £25

PlayStation 2 Modchip installation EMAIL

Any other console Capacitor replacement EMAIL

Any other console mods or repairs EMAIL

Return postage costs will also apply.

If you require any other work not listed above, please get in touch and I’ll provide a quote.



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