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New Collection Items

I got some consoles from the Leeds Retro Event last weekend. Look what I managed to find!

addition for collection

Victor V.Saturn.

Nintendo Famicom and some games.

SNK Neo-Geo Pocket.

The Saturn looks amazing. Just need to find some time to take some more photos for the Gallery. The Neo-Geo pocket (none colour) is new and unused condition.

The Famicom is the original NES from japan launched in 1983. Unfortunately i’ve not managed to get a picture out of it yet, having problems tuning into its RF channel. I’ll mod it to use Composite or RGB later.

Naomi cabinet

I have finally got round to painting the metal covers on my Sega Naomi universal cabinet.
Looks great with new lettering on the side.

The aluminium were sand blasted and primed before painting.

Very happy with the results.