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We hound a new house. Now for the actual move. Unfortunately the new house needs 100% refurbishment and an extension building. This will take all of my time for at least a year. After that I plan to build a new workshop/arcade in the grounds.

House sold. That’s the first part done! Need to find a new house now. From today I wont accept any work requests, all my free time is taken up with house hunting. The last few jobs I have in will be finished soon.


Hello everyone. I’ve had to make a really hard decision regarding 8bitplus and the services that I currently offer. I’m planning to move home sometime this year (if all goes well), and will not have the time to accommodate the volume of work I’m currently accepting. I’ve already extended my turn around time on quotes, but I need to reduce things even more.

From this point on I will not be able to accept every job request. I don’t want to stop all work completely, but will like to get things down to only 1 or 2 jobs a month. That will give me more time for concentrating on finding a new home for my family and the 1001 other things that will need doing with the move. All work I have in currently will be completed asap.

Please feel free to email me for quotes and availability, but please don’t be disappointed if I cannot accept the work.


Neil – 8bitplus

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  1. Andy Dobson

    I hope that you will be able to take on more work again in the future, trustworthy individuals to work on such projects are difficult to come by!

    Best of luck with the house hunting, and thank you again for installing my PSIO.


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