Nomad Progress

At last I’ve found an LCD that works with the Genesis/Nomad video signal.

The viewing angle is not as good as one of the other screens I’ve tested, but the contrast and pixel detail is very good. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a brightness adjuster, so I’ll have to change a resister value to increase the brightness as it looks a little too dark at times.

So far I can see it will make a big difference when installed.
After I get this done I’ll start on the battery mod.

Game Gear Fixing

Working on fixing the sound and screen problems on my Game Gears. All got the same capacitor issues.

Easy fix with a kit from ebay.

started by removing the old caps on the sound board. They’ve even started to swell. the ones on the mainboard are looking very bad, with leaking fluid around the plastic cap holders.

Naomi Supercapacitor

Another Little mode on the Naomi is to change the “Supercapacitor” located next to the battery backup.
This little cap has a reputation of going bad, leaking and bricking the system. Its very easy and cheap to replace.

Part number is EECS0HD104H. Found on ebay for £2.50. Worth it.

Naomi Zero Key

Got the Zero Key needed to load decrypted game images in the Naomi NetDimm

I had to remove the surface plate to install the chip. The original GD decryption keys had a packaging that allowed the chip to be installed and removed easily.

Now all that’s needed is the new BIOS.